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January 12, 2019


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Once again, MadKap Productions is sponsoring the Skokie Idol competition at Skokie Theatre!  Just like the famous television show, contestants will perform each week in front of a live audience and a panel of judges.  Every week, someone will be eliminated until only one person remains. That person will be featured at a Wednesday On The Green concert in Downtown Skokie on
July 10, of 2019.


The contest is open to everyone, regardless of where you live.


Auditions will be held on January 12, 2019 from Noon - 3 pm.  We will be selecting contestants from three age groups:


Junior Division - Grades 4 - 8

Teen Division - Grades 8 - 12

Adult Division


Because there are three age groups, there will be three Skokie Idol winners. Your group is determined by your age on January 12, 2019.  Please note: the age ranges of the groups are subject to change based on the audition turnout.


What you need to prepare: Your very best song!  You may use karaoke tracks on a CD or a musical instrument which you supply.  You may sing a Capella.  You may use the piano at the theatre.  All other instruments must be brought by the contestant.


Auditions will be judged by our panel of judges only.  At the auditions, we will select from 7 - 12 contestants in each age category and these contestants will move on in the competition.


Then, every Saturday afternoon from Noon – 5:30 we will have sing-offs.  The contestants will be judged by our panel of judges AND the audience.  You can encourage your friends and family to cheer you on and vote for you.  Tickets will only be $5.00 each and are available at the door on the day of the sing-off


Each week, contestants from each age category will be asked to return, and one or more contestants will be eliminated.


The final round for the Junior Division will be held Friday evening, April 5, 2019.  The final round for the Teen and Adult Divisions will be held Saturday evening, April 6, 2019.  The finals will consist of 3 songs to be sung by each contestant.  We will provide a live accompanist for the finals.  The winner of the finals from each category will win the GRAND PRIZE.


GRAND PRIZE:  The Skokie Idol winner from each category will be featured in a Wednesday on the Green concert on July 10, 2019, an event sponsored by The Skokie Chamber of Commerce.  They will also receive a $100 VISA gift card courtesy of MadKap Productions.


Questions?  Call the Skokie Idol Hotline at 847-677-7761 ext. 4

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