And The Singer Sings His Songs


the words and music of

Neil Diamond


performed by Dennis Svehla


Sat, Apr 27  8:00 pm


Tickets: $25

Neil Diamond has published and recorded hundreds of songs and most of us are only familiar with those few that have been on the radio.  This performance will introduce you to some of the "flip sides", "B sides", "album cuts" and stories that go along with them.


Denny Svehla, aka Denny Diamond, is one of the nation's most sought after vocalist/entertainers best known for his tribute to the music of Neil Diamond.

During his career, spanning over 20 years, Denny has performed his Branson style performance for thousands of people across the United States. His baritone pipes have an amazing resemblance to that of Neil Diamond's distinctive timbre and his stage presence is second to none. The show is full of great music, comedy and family fun.

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